11/16/17 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
November 16, 2017
Minutes, Hollis Conservation Commission, 16 November 2017
Members present: John Mattor, Joanne Toone, Martha Turner, Doris Luther and Catherine Hewitt.
1. The minutes of HCC Meeting September 2017 were tabled for next meeting.
2. We discussed the HCC website progress and now that Eric has left the committee (moved to Saco) Joanne said she would reach out to Bennet at the town office to get an update.
3. John M. reported that he and Joanne installed the kiosk at Googins Wood and his niece has created a rustic sign for the display.  Also displayed are the front and back of the trail map for easy reference.  There is a box of trail maps in the postal mailbox on the bottom shelf.  John M. will reach out to Robbie to see if we can get a few more loads on the parking apron to allow for parallel parking. Joanne mentioned that she has set up Googins Wood as a location on Facebook so that folks can ‘check in’ when visiting and also easily find the location if searched for on Facebook. Joanne will send the link to Catherine so that she can submit the trail to ‘Healthy Maine Walks’. John M. plans to reach out to Patrick at Saco River TV to see if a documentary on Googins Wood can be produced.
4. Catherine provided an update on the bike rack.  After talking with Bob Wyer she has found a better price and we can get a Green, 5 loop, 7 bike rack for around $550.  She will check on shipping prices.  John already treated the location for the bike rack with herbicide to put down the poison ivy.  
5. John M. reported that the membership fee of $150 for MEACC (Maine Association of Conservation Commissions) has been paid and we are now officially members.  He mentioned that he has attended their annual conference in the past.
6. John M. advised that he had submitted a budget request to the town for a nominal $600 to cover any ad hoc expenses for the next fiscal year.