5/18/17 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
May 18, 2017

Hollis Conservation Commission


18 May 2017



Present:  John Mattor; Eric Wright; Catherine Hewett; Doris Luther


  1. Minutes April 2017:  Approved
  2. Website Status:  Unknown.  John Sheahan sent Eric an e-mail, but he hasn’t had time to go through it.
  3. Googins Woods:  John Mattor has delivered the brochure to the printer, Minuteman Press in Saco. John recommended  getting 500 copies for $199.00.  This will produce 1000 brochures when they are divided.  The cost has been approved by the town. The symbol for the bridge was left off the legend – that needs to be changed on the next printing. The kiosk is the one remaining job that has not been started.  John M. has all the materials and the design in his head.  Eric offered to help with the kiosk.
  4. McGarry Tea House Update:  No new information
  5. Bonny Eagle Junior High “Pathfinders” want to help clean up the Indian Cellar Preserve this spring.  The date is set for Thursday, May 24 at 9:00.  They will not be able to cover all of the trails.  More help will be needed.
  6. The rail for the new stairs at Indian Cellar needs to be  installed.  Catherine said it will be installed before Memorial Day.
  7. Questions about the Indian Cellar stewardship fund:  What about rules of its use, including interest?  Can the interest be used for other Conservation Commission costs?  John M. will go through old documents to see if he can find the answer.  Doris talked with Poland Springs who did not know if there were any conditions and would look for a file and call if she found anything.  She never called.  There is a possibility that we can get a better interest rate  - for ex. 1.04%  at Ally Bank or .72% at Goldman Sachs, according to a newspaper article John M. read.  He will send it to John S. to research for the best interest rate.  Eric Will research credit unions for top 3 rates.
  8. “Pirate Fest” August 2:  Debbie Teft asked if the HCC was going to participate.  People agreed it is important to have a presence at this.  Eric will be there if he is in town.  John M. will be there.  Other volunteers are welcome!
  9. Other:  Eric suggested we put in a bike rack at Indian Cellar.  Discussion ensued around how to secure it so it doesn’t get stolen.  It could be cemented into the ground or chained to the guard rail.  Eric will investigate racks and cost.

Respectfully submitted,

Doris Luther