Enrollment deadline is Jan. 31, 2018 for Emergency Medical Subscription Program

The Town of Hollis is offering Hollis residents an Emergency Medical Subscription Plan for emergency transport to the hospital by our Hollis Fire & Rescue EMS. Current deadline for enrollment of the 2018 plan year is Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018.

To become a subscriber, please read the Town's policy, print and complete form here. Send completed form with payment to the Town of Hollis, Attn: Treasurer, 34 Town Farm Road, Hollis, Maine 04042. Checks can be made payable to the Town of Hollis and please put "EMS Plan" as a memo on your check. 

Any questions can be e-mailed to Bennet Flinner: adminsecretary@hollismaine.org or call her at 929-8552 x26.

Plan and Fee Schedule:

$25.00 for a single senior citizen (over age 60)

$30.00 for a couple senior citizen (both over age 60)

$35.00 for a single resident (age 59 and under)

$40.00 for a family of two

$50.00 for a family of three or more