TOWN HEAT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The Town Heat Assistance Program was created several years ago to help Hollis residents who struggle with heating their homes during the winter months. This may be a resident that is on a fixed income, a resident that has applied to other programs and may be on a waiting list or otherwise ineligible for other assistance programs or, a resident that has some form of personal hardship and cannot afford to buy fuel for their home.

The Heat Assistance Program provides a one-time fuel assistance of #2 heating oil, K1 kerosene, propane and even a cord of wood.  Any applicant wishing to receive help from this program needs to make an appointment with the General Assistance Administrator at Hollis Town Hall, 34 Town Farm Road, and fill out an application. If you are unable to come to the Town Hall, you can call directly at (207) 298-0271. (All inquiries and applications are strictly confidential.)

The Town Heat Assistance Fund account needs your help.  There are Hollis residents that need your help to keep their families warm during the winter months.

Heat Assistance Program donations from area residents and local businesses are welcomed.

To donate to the Heating Assistance Program, please send or bring your monetary donations to the Hollis Town Hall, 34 Town Farm Road, Hollis, Maine 04042, Attn:  Town Treasurer.  Please indicate that the donation is for the Town Heat Fund.

CLYNK bags are also available at the Town Hall Select Board office to donate returnable bottles and cans at any Hannaford store.

Thank you for your assistance in this urgent matter and your donations will be greatly appreciated by the Town and especially those in need.

Thank you,                                        

Mike Seely, Sr.

Hollis Select Board

General Assistance Administrator