Dog Licenses




General Dog Licensing Information
The Dog licensing program ensures rabies vaccination, which protects the health of you and your pet(s). Dog license fees account for a majority of the State Animal Welfare Program’s funding and without these fees, the state would be unable to protect the animals of this state.  The Town’s share of the license fees help to offset the cost of your Local Animal Control Officer.

All dogs that live in the State of Maine must be licensed 10 days after ownership or before the age of six months.


 Dog licenses must be renewed by December 31st of each year.   Licenses are available from October 15th – December 31st, each year to avoid late fees. To license for your dog, the owner must present a current State of Maine Rabies Certificate obtained from a veterinarian. This certificate will verify that your dog has received its rabies shot within the past one to two years. Also, bring with you proof if a veterinarian has issued a written certificate stating that the dog has been spayed or neutered. This neutered/ spay certificate needs to be shown only one time for verification.


Note: The Town of Buxton offers a rabies clinic usually the first Saturday of December in Buxton.  Check local newspapers as other rabies clinics are also offered in nearby communities.


All dogs must wear their licenses tags at all times.
 (Some exceptions are made for dogs while hunting, in training or in an exhibition.)

 Although cats do not require a license, they must be vaccinated against rabies.

How to Obtain a License
To receive a license for your dog, please come into the Town Clerk's office at the Hollis Town Hall during our business hours. You may also relicense your dog through the mail:
               Hollis Town Clerk
               34 Town Farm Road                                                                                                                    
               Hollis, Maine 04042
You must send a copy of a current, State of Maine rabies certificate along with a check payable to the Town of Hollis for the appropriate fee. We will process the license and return your certificate and new license to you. The Town of Hollis does not participate in on line dog licensing renewals at this time.

Dog Licensing Fees

  • $6 per year for spayed / neutered dogs
  • $11 per year for dogs not spayed / neutered
  • $42 for Kennel License (up to 10 dogs) – special requirements apply.

   The Town of Hollis Late fees are as follows:

  •    January 31st :  $ 25.00 for each dog
       March 1st     :   $ 40.00 for each dog
       April 1st       :   $ 55.00 for each dog
  • Per state law this late fee cannot be waived.

If your dog loses their dog license, please come to the Hollis Clerk’s Office to obtain a replacement. There is a $1.00 fee for a replacement tag or if you transfer from another town.

 Please contact the Hollis Town Clerk’s Office if you have any questions on dog licensing 207-929-8552 ext. 18.

 Hollis Animal Control Officer phone number is # 838-8731- please leave a message with your phone number.  The local animal control officer only handles domesticated animals like cats & dogs.

The Game Warden would handle all wild animal calls. The Game Warden’s Regional Communication Center for this area is 1-800-228-0857  or the Gray Game Warden’s office phone number is (207) 657-2345.



Dog fines and violations can be expensive. It is cost effective to keep your dog’s vaccinations current and license your dog each year.

 Hollis has an Animal Control Ordinance enacted November 4, 2008 and amended June 8, 2010. A copy for your review is available in the Hollis Town Clerk’s Office and on –line at the town’s website.

 State of Maine, Animal Welfare laws can be found in Maine Revised State Statutes.  Online you may review state laws under search.

Chapter 725 Municipal Duties title 3941 -3950

Chapter 721 Dog Licenses title 3921-3924

Thank you for licensing your dog,

Martha E. Huff, Hollis Town Clerk