Marriage Licenses


To obtain a license to be married in the State of Maine one must first record their intentions to marry with a municipal clerk.  If the bride and/or groom are residents of Maine they must file their intentions at the municipal office in which one of them resides.  If neither the bride nor groom is a resident of Maine they can file intentions in any municipally. (Select a town that you will be able to remember if you need copies of your license years later.)

Both parties must sign the intentions, stating they are free to marry.  If the bride and/or groom has been married before and are divorced or widowed, a certified copy of the documentation showing how the last marriage ended is required.  Once the intentions are filed and the license is issued the bride and groom are free to marry anywhere in the State.    The license may be issued the same day the intentions are recorded.  The process to record the intentions and to receive the license typically takes about 30 minutes.  The fee to obtain the marriage license is $40. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before our office closes.

An interactive Marriage Intention Form may be downloaded at the Maine. Gov website type in marriage intentions. This form is also avialable at most town offices. This form must be completed in BLACK INK only and this information is used to complete the actual marriage license. Please bring in your current state  indentification or your passport.

The marriage ceremony must take place within 90 days from the date the intentions are filed.  It is the responsibility of the person that performs the ceremony to return the completed license to the municipal clerk that issued it within 7 days.  We ask that all notaries  DO NOT apply thier embossed seals to any license.  Certified copies of your marriage license can then be obtained from the municipal clerk at a cost of $15 for one and $6 for each additional certified copy.

Look for form VS2 A -State of Maine Intention of Marriage at the following website

If you need additional information, contact The Hollis Town Clerk's office 929-8552 ext. 18.