4/10/2017 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
April 10, 2017

Town of Hollis

Hollis Community Clothing Closet

34 Town Farm Road, Hollis, ME 04042

Phone: (207) 929-8552  Fax: (207) 929-3686


April 10, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Tootsie Johnson, Diane Meserve, Mona Meserve, Barbara Miller, Amanda ?


Old Business:

  • No official meeting in March


New Business:

  • Construction on new building is scheduled for April 29th & 30th. Prep work (foundation) will be done the week before. Volunteers are needed for the weekend of April 29th and May 6th starting at 7am.

  • Diane will send out letters to area businesses for contributions to be collected for additional expenses. Letter to be approved by the Select Board.

  • New rules to be made when building is open, ie, 2 bags per person, 1 coat per person.

  • We’ll plan a dedication ceremony after building is complete.

  • We need a new open sign.


Next meeting will be Monday May 8, 2017 at the Hollis Town Hall at 7pm