Conservation Commission


The purpose of the commission is to promote and develop the natural resources and to protect the watershed resources of the Town.  The commission will conduct research into local land areas and develop a plan to accomplish the purpose set forth above.  It will conduct a broad education program, cooperate with the elected and appointed boards and commissions of the Town with the regional, state, and federal natural resources agencies with regard to natural resources, regulations and other regulations imposed by law, and shall perform other duties as may be imposed by law.

We have Board openings and always welcome volunteers!




Board Members

Name Title
John Mattor Term Expires 6/30/2019
Doris Luther Term Expires 6/30/2018
Edna Leigh Bailey Term Expires 6/30/2017
Catherine Hewitt Term Expires 6/30/2019
Joanne Toone Term Expires 6/30/2017
Eric Wright Term Expires 6/30/2018
John Sheahan Term Expires 6/30/2018
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