1/15/18 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
March 15, 2018



March 15, 2018


Present:  Catherine Hewitt; Martha Turner; Joanne Toone; John Mattor; Doris Luther; and guest Dan Yarumian
1.    January 18, 2018 minutes previously approved.
2.     Hollis Honkers Snowmobile Club:  HCC had approached the club about the possibility of club members using town Conservation trails, which would further maximize public use of the trails and give us help in maintaining them. Dan Yarumian was present as their representative and told us they are always looking for new trails and new members.  Dan gave us a map of current and proposed snowmobile trails.  To use our trails, they will need to get permission from abutters to go through their land.  If the club does start using our trails, John M. will need to file a report to the Land for Maine's Future about Indian Cellar activities.
3.   Maine Association of Conservation Commissions meeting March 10 in Brunswick:  John and Joanne attended along with about 30 other participants. There were several  different 
presentations.  The Maine Conservation Corps (part of Americorps) encourages young people to go out on the land and do projects of improvements.  Other CCs presented their activities.  
The most common topic was invasive species.  Other project examples were: creating green spaces and addressing water quality and fish ladders. South Portland CC has done an inventory of open space and wrote an open space plan. There was also an open space presentation by Fred Snow, Model Open Space Subdivision Ordinance by the Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, July 2009.
4.   John will file a report to the Land for Maine's Future board about activity at Indian Cellar  - the new stairs and the bike rack to be put up in the spring.
5.   Tea House Renovation Project:  Martha reported that Sally McGarry continues to pursue the project to tear down the Tea House and build a 2-story residence.  Issues with this 
project are lack of parking and lack of road frontage.  There is a piece of land the town owns that the old bridge connected to, but it is no longer in use.  Ms. McGarry may be able to purchase that piece to get her frontage.  Discussion ensued about whether or not the Conservation Commission should file an objection to the town selling that piece.  A motion was made for the CC to file an objection with the Selectboard. The motion was seconded and all approved.  Further discussion was about what the process is for the town to sell a piece of town property and if a public hearing is required.  It seemed like the Selectboard can make that decision without public input.
6.   Eastern Trail in Scarborough:  Scarborough has raised $4.1 million for two walking bridges, and more money is needed to maintain them.  $500,000.  were pledged by the Maine DOT.  Discussion around why the bridges are so expensive and why DOT was giving money.  Pending regulatory approval, construction is expected to begin in 2019.
7.   Other:  Catherine reported that CC member Chris Jones said he might be able to help with our website.  Discussion around our decision to build our own website, with a link to the 
town's website.  Catherine cleaned up the kiosk at Indian Cellar, added new maps, and cleaned out the trash.  John reported that trail #1 needs to be changed to connect back around
the way people have been using it, so they can follow the river.  The new trail will be added. It may require a bridge or boardwalk at one spot.  Catherine plans to talk with Hollis Elementary about getting school kids into Googins Woods as an opportunity to expose them to nature.  She will try to coordinate with our local TV station to get coverage. 


Respectfully submitted,

Doris Luther