6/15/2017 Minutes

Meeting Date: 
June 15, 2017

Minutes, Hollis Conservation Commission, 15 June 2017


Members present: John Mattor, John Sheehan, Joanne Toone, Martha Turner, Eric Wright and Catherine Hewitt.


  1. The minutes of HCC Meeting May 2017 were reviewed and accepted.

  2. Eric met with John Sheehan to discuss what’s needed for the web site updates.Eric will reach out to Bennet Flinner at the town office to find out how updates can be made.

  3. John M. mentioned that the maps for Googins Woods have been printed and delivered. There are 2000 copies so should last for a long time.It was suggested we place copies in the Hollis Town Office and also in the libraries to promote the space. John M. mentioned that the kiosk is the next project.

  4. There is no update on the McGarry Tea House purchase.Martha mentioned that this item has not come back to the Planning Board.

  5. John M. reported that the Bonny Eagle Junior High ‘Pathfinders’ helped him clean up some of the trails at Indian Cellar on Thursday, May 24.They did not have time to cover all the trails.

  6. Catherine said that she hoped the rail for the new stairs would be installed in the next few weeks.She will reach out to the installer for an update on timing.

  7. A question was raised about rules of use for the Indian Cellar Stewardship Fund and whether a higher rate of interest could be found.John S. stated that he thinks the town has a preference for keeping all Town monies in the same place – currently SIS.John M. said he may talk with the Select Board to find out more.

  8. Saturday August 12 is ‘Hollis Pirate Fest’ and Debbie Teft inquired if HCC would be there.John M., Joanne and Eric said they would be able to spend time at the HCC booth that day. It was suggested we have a ‘sign up list’ available for volunteers who may like to help with trail maintenance etc.The possibility of organizing a ‘volunteer work afternoon’ in September was discussed.

  9. John M. suggested that we make a list of all the tasks that need to be done at Indian Cellar for planning purposes.Examples are trail markings need repainting and trail arrows need renewing etc. Joanne said she would work with John to carry out an inventory of tasks and create a list.

  10. Eric provided information on bike rack costs and styles for the Indian Cellar parking area.We agreed on a style and that a bike rack for 7 bikes would be optimal.Catherine mentioned she may have another source to research so a decision will be made at a later meeting.

  11. Catherine suggested we make the next HCC meeting a ‘working meeting’ and it was agreed we would meet at the library at the usual time on July 20, and then proceed to Indian Cellar.

Minutes submitted by Joanne Toone