How Do I Dispose of...?

Pet Waste
We have received specific instructions from our hauler on how to dispose of animal waste and products like kitty litter.

  • Do not mix animal waste or kitty litter with your household trash.
  • Animal waste should be placed in a tied or sealed plastic bag. That plastic bag should be placed in a five gallon pail, with a handle and set the pail and contents out at curbside.
  • The pail and contents must weigh less than 35 lbs. Multiple pails may be used if needed.

Flourescent Light  Bulbs
FREE  recycling  of  CFL,  compact  fluorescent  lamps,  up  to  8’ is  offered   by  Plummer’s  Hardware  at  241  Parker  Farm Road in  Buxton. The  law  classifies  these  light  bulbs  as  hazardous  waste  mainly  due  to   mercury  and  they  must  be  recycled  or  disposed  of  properly. Plummer’s  is  also  accepting  thermostats  containing mercury