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How shoud Recycables be packaged for collection?

Recyclables should be placed loose in a container marked “Recycle”
Our recyclables go to ecomaine in Portland. There is no equipment in the line to open bags or boxes. That is why we have asked you to place them loose in a container marked “recycle”

If your recycle is in a cardboard box or bag, there are no handles for the driver to grip while he dumps it into the hopper. If materials get crushed inside the box or bag when compacted inside the truck, they may not get separated properly at ecomaine. It would also be very time consuming to have the trash truck driver open every bag or box to see if it has recyclables inside.

The container and the contents combined cannot weigh more than 35 lbs.
The single biggest problem for the driver is the size of the containers that people use. Small is fine as long as the material fits loose in the container and it is marked “recycling”. Big is not good, it might be convenient for you to put all your recyclables in that 90 gallon container, but the driver can’t lift it. Our hauler has requested that the container and the contents together weigh no more than 35 lbs and the container be no larger than 32 gallons.